Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Football Industry Events

The football industry is bigger than ever.
Commercially and professionally, the game has developed into a multi billion pound business.
TV and sponsorship revenues have increased dramatically over the last few years.
Regulation and legal frameworks have been implemented.

A whole body of research has sprung up and more and more academic work is taking place to support this.
The football industry has not grown by accident. The game has been allowed to develop through a network of key industry events aimed at improving all aspects of the game. From coaching and player development, to law and finance, marketing and sponsorship to safety and security there is an event that will bring together some of the industries leading figures to discuss and share ideas on that topic.

Mega Industry

Soccer or football is the most popular sport in the world. And for many, this means great economic opportunity.

Sialkot and Football

Though football is well-appreciated by Pakistanis, the nation itself is not a football power, ranking 165th out of 202 countries in the world. But Sialkot’s reputation goes back a long way as a provider of the world’s best hand-stitched footballs.

Pakistan exports 30 million balls per annum, accounting for 20% of the city’s USD 1.25 billion exports. Nike, the official supplier to the English Premier League and Danish Select Sports A/S, supplier to the Danish National league, procure their footballs from Sialkot. Sialkot has also been a forerunner in supplying balls to Adidas, the official provider of match balls to the FIFA tournament.

Central Hub(skt.)

Football Industry Hub Sialkot Struggles Forward

A gold colored football statue stands proudly at the Pakistani city Sialkot’s main traffic circle. For a nation dazed over cricket and one that is reeling from social and political distress, this statue illustrates Sialkot’s distinctive strength as a global football manufacturing hub, providing premium hand-stitched footballs commissioned by the best brands of this sport.........